Judith Supine's Dirt Mansion

via Wooster: Favorite Show Of 2008: Judith Supine's "DIRT MANSION" at English Kills Gallery

If you're in the New York area, we can't recommend highly enough that you check out Judith Supine's first New York solo exhibition, "Dirt Mansion" which opens tonight at the English Kills Gallery in Brooklyn.
We went to the preview reception last night and were absolutely blown away. It's by far our favorite show this year.
Taking a page from Faile and Banksy, rather than stage the show at an established gallery, Judith has taken over a warehouse deep in the heart of Bushwick and transformed it into a full 360 immersive experience.
A mixture of large scale works and 3D sculpture, the show is a collection of what we think is Judith Supine's best work to date.

More info can be found here.


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