Takashi Murakami Retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum...
The Japanese Warhol has always tugged at my heart. Elegantly blurring the line between the commercial and artistic, he outdid Warhol by installing a fully functioning Louis Vuitton shop in the museum. His images and animations remind me of characters that used to inhabit my dreams as a child.
Proper bodega with the added bonus of caring for sneakerheads.
Starwars moments....
Who influenced whom?? The second in Life Without Building's series Architect's thinking about spaceships...
Rem, 1st the Deathstar, now the Jawa's sandcrawlers? Maybe you should watch 12 Monkeys or Brazil.
And for good measure the 1st in the series:
Impossible Views
Literally carving a hole in architecture. "But as soon as I discovered that Sarah Oppenheimer's 610-3356 went through a Mattress Factory floor, I realized how it dramatically changes the relationship between the viewer and an artwork, between the museum and the visitor, and even between the museum and it's neighborhood."
Somtimes motivation...
...needs to come from a harsh dose of reality. Julie Lasky, editor of ID magazine delivers the Cranbrook commencment address.
"...Yes, if we sit in front of a computer screen all day, or staple our iPhones to our bodies, we will lose an important dimension of our lives, but it's not detachment that will be thrust upon us. It's detachment we will have chosen.

And why shouldn't we choose it? The truth is, we don't want reality to be all that real. Is it strange that we as a nation shy away from contemplating the conditions under which our stylish, mass — manufactured products are made, though these conditions are increasingly shown to be compromised? Is it strange that we haven't really come to grips with potentially catastrophic problems like climate change? Is it strange that we can't tolerate movies about the war in Iraq?..."

Make It Work.

Play Dead by Lee Ann Conlan

Play Dead by Lee Ann Conlan



PLAY DEAD by Lee Ann Conlan

Friday June 6th - 6 -9pm.
Gateway Lofts
1719 Grand Ave
Des Moines, IA

The First Friday in June, Cityview's Best Des Moines Artist (2006, 2007, 2008) shows new work at this one night only reception. On display will be a recent collection of various sketches, paintings, mixed media and video. Experience live figure drawing by Lee Ann, live music from Oh Possum and DJ Solarz. Light hors d'oeuvres and wine will be served.
Lee Ann Conlan, a Des Moines native, studied at Rhode Island School of Design and in Florence Italy. She graduated from Drake University with a BFA in 1997. Lee Ann taught at the Des Moines Art Center before becoming a full-time self employed artist.
In her most recent work, Lee Ann takes a voyeuristic look into the personal spaces of her surroundings and her life. She conjures up the quiet moments, blissful emotions and dark secrets of her subjects that would be revealed under the watchful stare of a silent and motionless observer.

Musical performances:

Oh Possum mixes live performance with electronic production, featuring heavy beats, intricate and conceptual guitar work, mood synthesizing and more. DJ Solarz will be spinning avant-garde-environment inspired beats. (Oh Possum set @ 8:30pm)

Friday June 6, 6 -9pm. Gateway Lofts 1719 Grand Ave in Des Moines.

18+/ 21 to drink

Artwork: http://www.leeannconlan.com http://www.myspace.com/leeannconlan

Music: http://www.myspace.com/ohpossum

DJ: http://flatform.net/

Play Dead /plei-ded/: play possum. to pretend to be sleeping or dead. play the game informal. to behave according to the accepted customs or standards. to cooperate or pretend to cooperate.

Estelle:‘American Boy (feat. Kanye West)’ Remixes

Estelle: ‘American Boy (feat. Kanye West)’ remixes from Kill The Noise, LAZRtag, Nadastorm, & Tenzin

May 24, 2008 01:33:49 GMT

Jumping off the shoulders of the last post, we’ve got more brand new heat from Rochester’s Kill The Noise in the form of a remix of London-town R&B diva Estelle’s ‘American Boy’ with raps from Chicago’s finest Kanye West.

Chances are you’ve heard the original, seen the video on MTV or YouTube. Well, kill that noise and give this a spin:

MP3: Estelle - American Boy (feat. Kanye West) (Kill The Noise Remix)

This track has been mixed down a dozen times over. Compare that with these and make the call what you wanna throw down. Remixes from L.A. up-and-comers LAZRtag, the collaborative forces of Bmore hero Dave Nada and VA club kid Matt Nordstrom as Nadastorm, and Sydney’s Tenzin, who’s ‘American Boy’ remix made it to the #1 spot on Hype Machine via Hot Biscuits.

MP3: Estelle - American Boy (feat. Kanye West) (LAZRtag Remix)

MP3: Estelle - American Boy (feat. Kanye West) (Nadastrom Remix)

MP3: Estelle - American Boy (feat. Kanye West) (Tenzin Remix)

Shop for Estelle CDs and downloads on Amazon.

Visit Estelle on MySpace.

Koralie and Supakitch!

Koralie and Supakitch!


Also, if you're in New York, be sure to check out Koralie's latest work at the Joshua Liner Gallery in Chelsea. It'll be up until the 14th of June.

Mantis = Prophets vs Profits

Fresh Stuff From Mantis in London


More from Mantis here.

Shit We're Diggin: Benjamin Verdonck's Giant Nest in Rotterdam.

Shit We're Diggin: Benjamin Verdonck's Giant Nest in Rotterdam. via Wooster



Fresh Stuff From Gaia

Fresh Stuff From Gaia


Satoshi Saikusa

Satoshi Saikusa


Ultra sexy fashion photography from Satoshi Saikusa. Be sure to click on “projects” then the single image that loads for entry to his secret room.

Paul Ross

Pau Ross


Pau Ross




Lovely Flickr sets by Ordea. (via).

Parris Whittingham + Archan Nair & Jan Vormann

via Art MoCo
Bronx photog Parris Whittingham teams up with New Delhi graphic designer Archan Nair to create wonderfully vivid compositions that combine the two genres. Via Josh Spear.
Jan Vormann does restoration work outside Rome with colourful Lego bricks – the contrast is bound to elicit raised eyebrows if not outright smiles. Via Play Me Design.

Artist: Lilly McElroy

"I Throw Myself at Men #13"via Art MoCo
Lilly McElroy’s series I Throw Myself at Men is a lively group of photos that has the subject mid-air, still not quite sure if the man-target will respond appropriately and in time. The artist, in addition to combining photography and performance art, is examining how easily we make connections and how much can be at stake if we don’t. Other notable projects include Locations, a series of photos where the subject is asleep in a wisp of a nightdress on the ground of various public sites. And check out the Square, a performance video that shows the artist protecting her turf: a square she has drawn on a busy sidewalk.

Artist: Lilly McElroy
+ lillymcelroy.com

Continue reading

Artist: Fiona Rae

"We Go In Search of a Dream" via Art MoCo
Fiona Rae’s new work is a mix of styles and stories, not surprising for an artist with an anything-goes type of attitude. A childhood spent in Hong Kong, Indonesia and England is reflected in work that has touches of Eastern influence. Rae pulls together elements from a variety of techniques such as calligraphy and bubblegum pop, adds a wash and a whole lot of movement, and the result is work that is at once cloyingly sweet and mysteriously dark in undertone.

Artist: Fiona Rae
+ timothytaylorgallery.com

The Roots Picnic

The Roots Picnic starring The Roots with Gnarls Barkley, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, Santogold, DeerHoof, J*Davey, The Cool Kids, Diplo, Esperanza and many more!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Festival Pier

Doors: 12:00 pm | Show: 2:00 pm

Columbus Boulevard & Springgarden Street

Philadelphia, PA 19123

For More Information & To Buy Tickets:
http://www. livenation. com/event/getEvent/eventId/321716/

The orgasmic mind

The orgasmic mind


Jerome Abramovitch via SexinArt


Some freaky work by Jerome Abramovitch of chapter9photography

Durruti Column

Durruti Column via SexinArt


Durruti Column captures beauty and innoncence in some really nice photos on his Flickr set.

Seen On The Streets Of Athens

Seen On The Streets Of Athens


via Wooster

Play Dead by Lee Ann Conlan

Richard Moon - Head Under Heels

"Head Under Heels"

Viewing Richard Moon’s oil paintings is like looking at photos that have been transformed by time and brushstrokes. The old-fashioned children pictured in Head Under Heels almost appear to be in what one might consider a dream, although there is something about the little boy that shows he feels the weight of the little girl on his head. The girl with buck teeth lets her yells echo through the tunnel, as the children put on their gas masks at school. The three images could almost be part of the same dream.

Artist: Richard Moon
+ richard-moon.co.uk

Continue reading

Cassandra Rhodin, Amanda Mendiant

We discovered a couple of Swedish illustrators and artists, Cassandra Rhodin and Amanda Mendiant, today via Husmusen.


Activating the fold...
Not a new idea, the folding facade has grown in scope to encompass the entire building envelope, often resulting in a building that changes it's appearance based on the comfort level of it's occupants.


Koolhaas in Bejing
Rem, once again making bold moves with the CCTV tower furthering the notion that "Architecture is a dangerous profession." My brief criticism, is this will be quite the sculptural addition to the skyline and the destruction of the human scale. Once again, form trumps human.


Thoughts on Space and Worship
A thoughtful essay on the overpopulation of the big box church, "where, even when churches have money, thoughts of beauty and waste are rarely afforded the architect. Instead, any space, be it a movie theatre, basketball arena, or shopping mall, can be converted into a place of worship, even if terribly tacky and not suited very well to the task. I can hear the head pastor saying, "Hey, they offered a free six month's rent and it'll seat 3,500! Perfect!"

Recently in smaller towns, I've seen vacated K-Marts and Wal-Marts being converted into houses of worship with the ethics of cheap, fast and error free. I would think that a house of worship, for whom or whatever you choose would be the one place that should bring a sense of elegance and grace, be environmentally conscious, and leave enough to care for our neighbors. What has happened to our motivation?


Fishing in Manhattan
Tony and Darla, We're going fishing I visit you...
Too bad it's only an urban legend, but it would be fun to explore the underground network beneath Manhattan and Brooklyn


I think it's absolutely fantastic that GE can't keep up with the demand and has a $12 Billion backlog in the manufacturing of wind turbines.
It's about time, take a drive through West Texas or NW Iowa. I'd rather look at a spinning turbine then face the consequences of NOT making a change in how we care for the planet.


by Brad Rippey

Allife - The Fluorescent Pack

Buy: Alife Everybody Mid
At both Leaders 1354 locations (Wicker Park, Bronzeville)
These just-dropped, limited-edition kicks come in four screaming colorways (blue, green, yellow, pink), together dubbed "The Fluorescent Pack" -- think Frank, Dean, and Sammy joining Color Me Badd.
Check the shoes and locations at Leaders1354.com

M.I.A. in Chicago

Looking forward to the M.I.A. show on Friday...after party @ Debonair...

Date: May 9, 2008
Doors Open: 5:00 pm

Aragon - tickets @ ticketmaster.com

Carrot Clothing S/S 08

Check out Carrot Clothing....Radical designs, amazing graphics... Show some love to the new line...www.carrotclothing.net

David Bellemere Photography

Thanks to the good people at Slam x Hype for turning me on to this cat. His work is simple and erotic and just basically has beauty to it any way you look at it. His photography definitely needs to be noticed and admired so check the rest of the photos after the link jump.

Read More >

via Slam x Hype



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