Artist: Kevin Ledo

"If Only I Knew Your Name" via Art MoCo
Kevin Ledo is a Montreal-based artist focused on the ideas of beauty, desire and idealism. His paintings often portray these concepts, sometimes with a dose of irony and Catholic influence, by way of the human form. Sometimes Ledo’s colours are toned down completely; at others they edge out the representational aspect, as in the case of If Only I Knew Your Name and A Street Ad Caused Desire, where the pinks and purples are anything but soft and flowery. And who knows why, but there is something about the stencilled piece that follows, Gymstars, that grabbed and kept us.

Artist: Kevin Ledo
+ kevinledo.com

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The Rhythm Method aka Sebastien Grainger

The Rhythm Method via BigStereo

rythym method - renegade cover

Sebastien Grainger (ex-DFA1979) is set to drop his first release under the moniker The Rhythm Method (his “party” alias). But when you hear “party” don’t think electro bangers in the style of his ex-bandmate’s MSTRKRFT… or even along the lines of “Let’s Make Out” by DIOYY in which Grainger leant vocals. The double A-side features some smooth late night party jamms showcasing a sophisticated style.

The Rhythm Method - “When You Go Out”

Cover art above by Will Sweeney (obvs). You can purchase the 7 inch on 50 Bones’ MySpace. Oh and make sure you head over there in listen to “Renegade Silence” — it’s my favorite of the two.

DJ Real Juicy - ‘Snap Yo Fangaz’ Remix

DJ Real Juicy- ‘Snap Yo Fangaz’ Remix via MissingToof

via MissingToof

DJ Real Juicy over at White Folks Get Crunk dropped this nice bouncy party remix of Lil’ Jon’s ‘Snap Yo Fingaz’ on us (with the homies E-40 & Sean P of [The Youngbloodz] verses intact of course…)

You’ll be doing more than merely snappin’ yo fangaz after this one- probably some hand clappin’ and some ass shakin’ and some fist raisin’ for sure… now go and bump this and get crunk like how them white folks do!!!

MP3: DJ Real Juicy- Snap Yo Fangaz (WFGC Remix) ft. E-40, Lil Jon & Sean Paul

Show DJ Real Juicy how crunk you are on his Myspace!

Pink Floyd :: Peel Session (BBC Radio 1970)


Pink Floyd :: Peel Session (BBC Radio, July 16th 1970)

MP3: Pink Floyd :: Introduction by John Peel
MP3: Pink Floyd :: Embryo
MP3: Pink Floyd :: Fat Old Sun
MP3: Pink Floyd :: Green Is The Color
MP3: Pink Floyd :: Careful With That Axe Eugene
MP3: Pink Floyd :: If
MP3: Pink Floyd :: The Atom Heart Mother

Original Gangster - Johnny Depp - Wrap Party Tonight

It's a wrap for Johnny Depp

via 312 Dining Diva


For those of you who've been hot on the Johnny Depp trail as he's been filming the John Dillinger movie, "Original Gangsters," around town and throughout the Midwest, tonight may be your last time for a sighting.

An Ultimate Insider tells me that they've finished filming the movie, and tonight's the wrap party at West Loop hot spot Bon V. Whether or not Depp will be in the house has not been confirmed, but planners have invited 900 guests to fill up the 300-capacity club. The party was originally scheduled to take place at Alhambra Palace down the street, but for some reason that's not happening.

Other possible star sightings from the movie tonight include actors Christian Bale, Channing Tatum and Giovanni Ribisi.

Depp has caused quite a stir on the scene since he's been in town. He celebrated his birthday at Shanghai Terrace earlier this month, and he's also been spotted at La Scarola, The Drawing Room and Gibsons Steakhouse.

A-Track's Running Man: Nike + Original Run Mix = via HOT BISCUTS

purchas it here

A-Trak - Say Whoa



Thymann via Sex in Art


Thymann - WOW. Crazy site. Crazy work!

Nicole Ritchie In Siwy "Nicole" Romper Shorts

Day 2 of Denim Shorts Week (Part 1) - Being a young mum certainly hasn't stopped Nicole Ritchie being a fashionista. She was photographed in Glendale recently wearing a pair of Siwy "Nicole" romper shorts with built in suspenders. These are the same pair of denim shorts worn by Laura Conrad (see below) of The Hills last year . Check out PinkDenim who have a selection of Siwy Denim on sale with reductions of up to 35%.

Erykah Badu - The Healer - Love Ms. Badu....

Saw Ms. Badu in Chicago a few weeks back and loved this track...

Also, was really looking forward to listening to the
Crookers new BBC Essential Mix, and grabbed that here....starts out with
"The Healer"

Artist - Matt W. Moore - Ilustrations & Graphics

"Vectorfunk" via Art MoCo
Matt W. Moore has taken doodling to a new level with his various series of eye-catching illustrations and graphics. Vectorfunk 2 is a series of posters that combine line, form and colour in ways that pop – all of which contribute to a sense of action and movement within each piece. The Geometry posters incorporate symmetry, which does not take away from the excitement, but rather adds a kaleidoscopic aspect to MWM’s work. Looking at these pieces feels like being a kid at an amusement park, with access to all the rides, carny games and candy.

Artist: Matt W. Moore
+ mwmgraphics.com

Remembering The Chicago Based Artist SOLVE

Remembering The Chicago Based Artist SOLVE via Wooster Collective

Photo by JoeM500

As some of you may have heard, last Saturday night, on June 14th, the Chicago based street artist SOLVE was brutally - and senselessly - murdered in the city’s Logan Square neighborhood.

Brendon Scanlon (SOLVE) was much beloved and admired by the Chicago street art and graf community, and his loss leaves a deep whole in all of our hearts.

SOLVE had an incredible influence on the Chicago scene and helped a lot of young artists get their start.

Our hearts and thoughts are with Brendon's family and loved ones.

Chicago won't be the same without him.

Discussions and wishes can be found here.

Chicago Tribune Story here

So Gold x So Electric - June 27th

So Gold, will be live this Friday at Barfly, downtown Minneapolis! If your going to be in the area then please jump to this. Rsvp @ So Electric Party so you only have to pay $3 and also get a free drink just for doing so...AND its summertime. Why not, right?!

Courtesy of The Moongoons

Kate Moss - Dreamgirl - Photographed by Ryan McGinely

Dreamgirl - W Magazine

In the ethereal setting of the English countryside, Kate Moss is captured by one of today's most influential young photographers.

Photographed by Ryan McGinely
Styled by Camilla Nickerson

Lil Wayne - First million-unit album debut in 3 years


Lil Wayne scores first million-unit album debut in three year
Jun 18, 2008 | by Chris Willman
via hollywoodinsider.ew.com
Many music-biz types were convinced we'd never again see an album sell a million copies in a week. It hadn't happened since 50 Cent's The Massacre topped the mark in 2005. Yet Lil Wayne is proof that if you build something fans truly want, even in the depressed market of 2008, they will come. His Tha Carter III (No. 1) exceeded all projections by selling just a hair over 1 million units — particularly impressive considering that the rapper's previous best sales week was a mere 238,000.

That huge debut left Plies' Definition of Real looking like small potatoes at No. 2 with 215,000 units — a figure that usually would be more than enough to top the Nielsen Soundscan/Billboard chart. But they weren't the only new releases worth mentioning. N.E.R.D.'s long-awaited Seeing Sounds debuted at No. 7 with 80,000, followed by Alanis Morissette's Flavors of Entanglement at No. 8 with 70,000. Critical and festival favorite My Morning Jacket made a first-time appearance in the top 10 of the album chart by selling 49,000 and coming in at No. 9. Other debuts of note included country duo Montgomery Gentry at No. 20 (27,000 copies), Emmylou Harris at No. 22 (also 27,000), the first solo effort from Jakob Dylan at No. 24 (24,000), and the iCarly soundtrack at No. 28 (20,000).

In the singles world, Coldplay's "Viva la Vida" held onto the top spot on the digital songs chart...and for the first time in their career, the British foursome also took control of the Hot 100, which combines sales and airplay. Next week, they're expected to easily top the album chart as well. Based on Tuesday's first day of sales, Viva la Vida, the band's fourth album, should sell some 600,000 copies. Though iTunes doesn't usually release its sales figures, the online music store took the unusual step of announcing that the album sold 140,000 on that site just on its first day. That shatters the iTunes record for sales in an entire week, previously held by Jack Johnson — and there are six days still left to go. For the hangdog music biz, June really is bustin' out all over.

Rihanna in Balenciaga

via Go Fug Yourself
Assuming Rihanna's boots are from this same Balenciaga family of footwear.


It answers so many questions: Yes, even without the psychedelic baseball dress, they still look like they belong in a movie about gladiators on acid; and no, not even Rihanna can salvage them. Also, I hope she is wearing modesty hot pants -- a concept I never thought could exist until Young Hollywood embraced labia-skimming outfits.

Elisa Lazo de Valdez

A small but engaging collection of art photography by Elisa Lazo de Valdez


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Harold Hunter Day II

Harold Hunter Day II via Talent Speaks

hh-day-ii_product.jpgMay 17th was the 2nd Annual Harold Hunter Day, which brought together NYC’s skateboarding community for a positive day of shredding in honor of the late, great Harold Hunter.

Well, it was a massive success, as more than five-hundred skaters and spectators swarmed the Manhattan Bridge Skatepark for a heated six-hour session with beats provided by New York’s finest, Pete Rock. Afterward, the masses flocked to KCDC Skateshop where, in true Harold form, the party bumped late into the night.

In celebration of this noteworthy occasion and to keep Harold’s spirit strong, the non-profit Harold Hunter Foundation has teamed up with The Zoo York Institute to release a limited edition HH Day II commemorative deck and t-shirt featuring Harold pics by long-time friend and acclaimed photographer, Giovanni Reda.

Both items are now available only at select New York shops and a special bundled kit including a deck, t-shirt, and signed copy of Reda’s Harold Hunter: The Book is available exclusively at KCDC. Proceeds from the sale of all HH Day II commemorative gear will be donated to the Harold Hunter Foundation, which will use the funds to send six underprivileged NYC kids to Camp Woodward this summer.

Check out the complete event wrap-up at hhday.blogspot.com and cop your Hunter gear at zooyork.com.

Chicago Artist: Chad Kouri

Chad Kouri Collage via Art MoCo
Chad Kouri is an artist who scours the alleys of Chicago in search of found objects for his collages. While the style of Kouri’s work will vary on the basis on the different cut-outs, it is safe to say that there is a mix of old and new, with a leaning towards vintage or retro photos, patterns and images. Paper of all kinds, clouds and waves, deer and birds, adults and children from different eras – all this and more in Kouri’s work.

Artist: Chad Kouri
+ longliveanalog.com

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Shuli Hallak - "Post Panama Cranes, New York"

"Post Panama Cranes, New York" via Art Moco
Shuli Hallak examines cargo and its transport in a series of photos that allows the viewer to see the beauty and glamour in the shipping industry. Hallak documents bright lights, big cargo and the journey from production to consumption where port and sea set the stage for everyday drama that affects us all as consumers. How much of what surrounds us has never been in a container?

Artist: Shuli Hallak
+ motihasson.com

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Banksy, Banksy who the fuck is Banksy?

You should know by now...

via Art News Blog
Who is Banksy?
Banksy, Banksy, Banksy.. this guy seems to be everywhere. The mainstream media love publishing stuff on this guy. Andy Warhol would be proud of the inches published on Banksy over the past 18 months.

He has an official website, where I stole the image to the left of this post (it's a detail of a larger work). There's no links on his homepage, but he does have more pages to his site. I'm not sure how you are meant to find more pages of his site if you don't know about them, but here's some outdoor works, indoor works, and a Banksy manifesto.

"The time of getting fame for your name on its own is over. Artwork that is only about wanting to be famous will never make you famous. Any fame is a by-product of making something that means something. You don't go to a restaurant and order a meal because you want to have a shit." Banksy Quote

Coxsoft has a few Banksy posts on his art blog. He points to a piece on the BBC website where they say that the notoriously secretive artist is the thirty-something year old Robert Banks of Bristol in the UK. They also say that Banksy has no formal art education, started painting grafitti at 14, he used to bootleg rock memorobilia, and has spent time in detention for petty crimes.

His name and art may be familiar to millions of people of worldwide, but there are very few photos or details known about the actual artist. Simon Hattenstone of the Guardian has been one of the few journalists to interview the artist. Hattenstone says..
"Banksy is Britain's most celebrated graffiti artist, but anonymity is vital to him because graffiti is illegal. The day he goes public is the day the graffiti ends." Guardian Interview with Banksy

See a video below of Banksy at work in Palenstine, where the artist has this to say about the "segregation wall" seperating Palenstine and Israel..
"The segregation wall is a disgrace.. The possibility I find exciting is you could turn the world's most invasive and degrading structure into the world's longest gallery of free speech and bad art." Banksy


Sunshine Provacouture - The Soundtrack!!

For those who werent there, this is the soundtrack of the music played throughout the show that took place a few weeks ago at Halo Nightclub in Clive, Iowa. I went and arranged the tracks to make them some what build up from the moods of the music chosen for this show. I mixed this last weekend whilst drinking alcoholic beverages so please...forgive me.

Shout out to Nate for making this possible. Thanks again, homie!

David Byrne - NYC Building is an Instrument

Music legend David Byrne transforms an entire NYC building into a giant musical instrument...



Elbow-Toe via Wooster Collective


For us, one of the best aspects of the Wooster Collective project is that over the years we've met - and continue to meet - an amazing group of people. One of those people is the artist, Elbow-Toe. If you're not yet familiar with his work, be sure to check out this interview on the terrific blog, my love for you is stampede of horses.

Tranny Chic - Drag Queen Style Takes the Night

This is so true, and I hope you don't pay attention to trendy fashion babblings like this....aren't we tired of seeing skanks dressed up like Queens...

TRANNY CHIC - Drag Queen Style Takes the Night via Schecky's

From The Beat
All things drag queen are suddenly in. Forget natural beauty—Angelina Jolie, move over for the likes of Danity Kane. Now the nighttime look is all about vampy, over-the-top female sexuality, accented with big hair, false eyelashes, and platform heels as young women (including Tinsley Mortimer!) appropriate tongue-in-cheek tranny chic for themselves.

Faux gold lashes, Gil Carvalho sequined platforms, Patricia Field flower dress, and more…

Adam Neate On The Streets Of Brazil

Fresh Stuff From Adam Neate On The Streets Of Brazil via Wooster


Tonight: Nuclear Fairy, IRLO and Omar at New York's Romanian cultural institute

Tonight: Nuclear Fairy, IRLO and Omar at New York's Romanian cultural Institute via Wooster Collective



While gentrification in New York City and the politics of cleansing tend to erase legendary traces of graffiti that inspired artists all over the world, street art flourishes in Eastern European cities. One of these spots is Romania. New York is lucky to have three artists from this former East Block country visiting to paint the walls of the Romanian cultural institute. These three young artists, Nuclear Fairy, IRLO and Omar work as a collective and independently and will translate their unique cultural view into an installation across three rooms.

On Wednesday night there will be an opening of their work and Wooster Collective will be conducting an informal interview with the artists to understand their sources of inspiration, discuss their style and capture impressions of their first trip to NYC.

Please join us for drinks and festivities as well as the opportunity to meet these intriguing artists.




Here's a new mixtape I made that was just released by NEW LOVE LOST RECORDS as part of their ongoing mixtape series. I actually made this mixtape a couple months back to go along with a just released article on IHEARTCOMIX in DAZED & CONFUSED, but it ended not working out for that one (we've made something else instead), so I'm really happy NLLR gave it a home. It's simpler that the over the top production of the IHEARTCOMIX/SCION mixtape, but is a closer representation of how I play live.

Please download and crank it up!



01. Acid Girls - “Palms (Joe and Will Ask? Early Draft Remix)”
02. Classixx - “Cold Act Ill (Extended Mix)”
03. Kill The Noise - “Hey You (Le Castle Vania Remix)”
04. 30hz - “Daddio (Miles Dyson Remix)”
05. The Presets - “My People (DIM Remix)”
06. Ocelot - “Our Time (Calvertron Remix)”
07. The Count & Sinden - “Beeper (Fake Blood Remix)”
08. Treasure Fingers - “Cross The Dancefloor (Laidback Luke Remix)”
09. Fake Shark Real Zombie - “Designer Drugs (Designer Drugs Remix)”
10. Chromeo - “Fancy Footwork (Crookers Remix)”
11. Heartsrevolution - “Switchblade (LA Riots Remix)”
12. Top Billin - “My Girl Wants”
13. The Loungin Kollective - “Riddim Come 4ward (Herve’s Fire Pon Dem Remix)”
14. Alphabeat - “Fantastic 6 (Radioclit Remix)”
15. Sebastian Tellier - “Divine (Ocelot Vs. Bird Peterson Unfinished Remix)”
16. Digitalism - “Pogo (Beni’s Reedit, Rework, Remix)”

Also, speaking of playing LIVE, myself and RADIOCLIT venture out on a short tour of the USA beginning this WED!! We're playing 6 shows total, all of which are TOTALLY FREE!! We'll be heading to CHICAGO and NEW YORK for shows with CRYSTAL CASTLES, then BALTIMORE, AUSTIN, SEATTLE and MIAMI for shows with DROP THE LIME in celebration of the IHEARTCOMIX/SCION MIXTAPE! Don't miss out!

w/ Crystal Castles, Woodhands
@ The Double Door

w/ Crystal Castles, Woodhands
@ Studio B

w/ Drop The Lime
@ Otto bar
FREE w/ RSVP: http://www.scion.com/avrelease

w/ Drop The Lime
@ The Beauty bar
FREE w/ RSVP: http://www.scion.com/avrelease

w/ Drop The Lime
@ The War Room
FREE w/ RSVP: http://www.scion.com/avrelease

w/ Drop The Lime
@ The Vagabond
FREE w/ RSVP: http://www.scion.com/avrelease


gkojax:  tomisima: via www.gianfrancomeza.com

Art Pimp Reviews Lee Ann Conlan Show

Jim Duncan for Cityview
June 12th

Des Moines’ edgiest show this year took place at Gateway Lofts. That’s the latest G. E. Wattier building, the
architect who seems to be defining what’s edgy in Des Moines (Liar’s Club, Legends on Court, Alba,
Mitchellville Library). The crowd that Lee Ann (Conlan) attracts provides context for that definition. She’s the
rock star among local artists, a dreadlocked stylist of skulls and bones. Even her models are stars in the
Warhol tradition. One of them, erotically tattooed and nude, modeled on a bed during the exhibition while
Lee Ann worked furiously. Unbeknownst to most, visitors were being photographed while they gawked.
There’s no such thing as unobserved voyeurism anymore.

Such theatrics could become farce in the hands of a poseur, but Lee Ann carried it off. Her art dealt
emotionally and dramatically with two events that roiled the artist: “I went through an ugly divorce, and my
kids have been forced to deal with that,” and “The Virginia Tech shootings really, really affected me,” she
explained. In one series, Lee Ann posed her boys with thoughts of dinosaur carnage in their heads. In a
second series, the same children appear with their own artwork superimposed in talk bubbles. Both drew
“mommies walking out on children.” Lee Ann also painted the same model who worked the show, but with
wrist bandages instead of tattoos, as the Virginia Tech killer.

Cristian Crisbasan Photography

Cristian Crisbasan Photography via Unscathe Corpse

LINK quote [Author of "digital_sessions" compact photography book published worldwide by DAAB - Koln, Germany - in 2005. Included in the anthology "The New Erotic Photography" (editors: Dian Hanson & Eric Kroll) published by TASCHEN. Enjoying the privilege of having a few but TRUE friends].

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Crookers in Chicago on Friday

via redthreat

The Crookers are coming! The Crookers are coming! The show of the summer is a week away already, and it’ll be the first Chicago appearance by the Italian duo, here to celebrate the one year anniversary party with everybody’s favorite fidget label, PottyMouth Records. The show is on June 20th at Smartbar, and along with The Crookers comes Santiago & Bushido, local Chicago legends and fellow PottyMouth label reps, as well as the man behind it all; James Amato. This’ll be the first stop on their nationwide tour, so get ahold of the tourdates on their myspace for those of you scattered around.

Also, just for the hell of it, [redthreat] is giving out a pair of tickets to the Chicago show! All you have to do is email us the answer to the following question:

What city are the Crookers based out of?

Here’s a hint: it’s one of the largest cities in Italy, and it’s located on the plains of Lombardy. The winner will be randomly selected, notified via email on June 19th and put on the guest list(+1). Click here to enter the contest!

Busy P - To Protect And Entertain (Feat. Murs) (Crookers Remix)

Secret Handshake - Summer Of 98 (Crookers Remix) (thx fyof)

Crookers - Lick My Lennon (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Bonnaroo #4: ?uestlove, Ben Harper, Led Zep's John Paul Jones

Bonnaroo #4: ?uestlove, Ben Harper, Led Zep's John Paul Jones

A stone-cold legend and two legends in the making send some very kind vibes into the Tennesse night...



Omar Alan Pierce

Omar Alan Pierce

“She’s an old-time ambassador
Of sweet talking, night walking games
And she’s known in the darkest clubs
For pushing ahead of the dames
If she says she can do it
Then she can do it,
she don’t make false claims
But she’s a Queen,
and such are queens
That your laughter
is sucked in their brains
Now she’s leading him on
And she’ll lay him right down
But it could have been me
Yes, it could have been me
Why didn’t I say,
why didn’t I say, no, no, no”

Barbangra a.k.a. Bbone a.k.a Bbn75

“I’m A Marrionette” by Mert&Marcus

“I’m A Marrionette” by Mert&Marcus - via All Tomorow’s Girls




“I’m A Marrionette” by Mert&Marcus - via All Tomorow’s Girls



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