Preview: Wooster Collective Tonight

Wooster Collective Preview
Regardless of what you think about Borf, street art can be beautiful, thought provoking and cutting edge, and tonight at 7 6:30 p.m. two well-known lovers of the medium will discuss it in a panel sponsored by the Washington Project for the Arts. Curators and founders of the popular Wooster Collective, Marc and Sara Schiller, will talk about bringing art From the Streets to the Gallery: How Contemporary Art is Being Influenced by the Urban Experience, at American University's Katzen Arts Center.

The Wooster Collective materialized in 2001 when Sara and Marc got a puppy and a digital camera and spent lots of time exploring their Soho neighborhood in New York City. Encouraged by the creativity they found on the streets, they began to showcase urban art every day on the Wooster Collective web site. "It makes people think about what a city is, and it is a celebration of the creativity found on the streets," said Marc. Since then, the duo have amassed a huge pool of photographs of urban art from around the world.

Marc and Sara will be presenting this fun, and sometimes powerful, ephemeral medium and outlining its explosion all around the world. Employing nontraditional techniques such as paste, stencils and spray paint, the artists show off their talents in unlikely places. "They travel to do it and are very considerate of what locations pieces go in," said Sara, "They are doing something illegal every day by putting up art to be consumed by the public, which flies in the face of what the art world is typically about."

Expect to see some of their favorites including Anthony Lister, WK, Faile and local Mark Jenkins. They'll also discuss why street art is starting to transition into galleries and why collectors are investing in a medium typically consumed for free, on the street.

Image courtesy of WPA.

From the Streets to the Gallery: How Contemporary Art is Being Influenced by the Urban Experience is tonight from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Katzen Arts Center at American University, 4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW. RSVP to info [at] wpadc.com or 202-234-7103.

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