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Social Commentary
Mark Daye sheds light on the homeless population in Toronto.

Bamboo Lights
Interview with Francine Houben, founder of Mecanoo Architects
social, technical, playful and humane architecture...
what advice would you give to the young?
make sure that you are not always sitting behind
a computer - especially young architects. use your
senses and look very closely at what's happening in
the world, what's happening on the site, the climate etc.
have social awareness and do your best.
anARchitectures's Weekly Architecture Film
Enjoy this clip from Fritz Lang's masterpiece Metropolis.
The 1st "architecture" film I had the pleasure of watching.
PreFAB Friday from Inhabit
The magic light-filled box is the perfect accessory to my rooftop garden.
A nation of glorified property developers?
"Well, architects are partly to blame. We haven't stood up for ourselves. We have created this dysfunctional atmosphere where we're not trusted. You go to planning committees and you think: 'God, these guys must absolutely hate us.' Then you see the crap they're given to look at and you can quite understand why."
British architect David Chipperfield on the sad state of architecture. (David, unforutnately this issue is global)
The Oligarchitects
A look at architect's long and terribly complex relationship with power. Much of the latest work is taking place in parts of the world that struggle with political transparency, polling booths, and elementary human rights. Am I wrong for wanting buildings that promote ethics and are humane? Once again, Phillip Johnson comes back from the grave to confirm his statement: "I am a whore."


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