Activating the fold...
Not a new idea, the folding facade has grown in scope to encompass the entire building envelope, often resulting in a building that changes it's appearance based on the comfort level of it's occupants.


Koolhaas in Bejing
Rem, once again making bold moves with the CCTV tower furthering the notion that "Architecture is a dangerous profession." My brief criticism, is this will be quite the sculptural addition to the skyline and the destruction of the human scale. Once again, form trumps human.


Thoughts on Space and Worship
A thoughtful essay on the overpopulation of the big box church, "where, even when churches have money, thoughts of beauty and waste are rarely afforded the architect. Instead, any space, be it a movie theatre, basketball arena, or shopping mall, can be converted into a place of worship, even if terribly tacky and not suited very well to the task. I can hear the head pastor saying, "Hey, they offered a free six month's rent and it'll seat 3,500! Perfect!"

Recently in smaller towns, I've seen vacated K-Marts and Wal-Marts being converted into houses of worship with the ethics of cheap, fast and error free. I would think that a house of worship, for whom or whatever you choose would be the one place that should bring a sense of elegance and grace, be environmentally conscious, and leave enough to care for our neighbors. What has happened to our motivation?


Fishing in Manhattan
Tony and Darla, We're going fishing I visit you...
Too bad it's only an urban legend, but it would be fun to explore the underground network beneath Manhattan and Brooklyn


I think it's absolutely fantastic that GE can't keep up with the demand and has a $12 Billion backlog in the manufacturing of wind turbines.
It's about time, take a drive through West Texas or NW Iowa. I'd rather look at a spinning turbine then face the consequences of NOT making a change in how we care for the planet.


by Brad Rippey

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