Takashi Murakami Retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum...
The Japanese Warhol has always tugged at my heart. Elegantly blurring the line between the commercial and artistic, he outdid Warhol by installing a fully functioning Louis Vuitton shop in the museum. His images and animations remind me of characters that used to inhabit my dreams as a child.
Proper bodega with the added bonus of caring for sneakerheads.
Starwars moments....
Who influenced whom?? The second in Life Without Building's series Architect's thinking about spaceships...
Rem, 1st the Deathstar, now the Jawa's sandcrawlers? Maybe you should watch 12 Monkeys or Brazil.
And for good measure the 1st in the series:
Impossible Views
Literally carving a hole in architecture. "But as soon as I discovered that Sarah Oppenheimer's 610-3356 went through a Mattress Factory floor, I realized how it dramatically changes the relationship between the viewer and an artwork, between the museum and the visitor, and even between the museum and it's neighborhood."
Somtimes motivation...
...needs to come from a harsh dose of reality. Julie Lasky, editor of ID magazine delivers the Cranbrook commencment address.
"...Yes, if we sit in front of a computer screen all day, or staple our iPhones to our bodies, we will lose an important dimension of our lives, but it's not detachment that will be thrust upon us. It's detachment we will have chosen.

And why shouldn't we choose it? The truth is, we don't want reality to be all that real. Is it strange that we as a nation shy away from contemplating the conditions under which our stylish, mass — manufactured products are made, though these conditions are increasingly shown to be compromised? Is it strange that we haven't really come to grips with potentially catastrophic problems like climate change? Is it strange that we can't tolerate movies about the war in Iraq?..."

Make It Work.

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