Artist: Chris Antemann - Lust and Gluttony

"Lust and Gluttony" via Art MoCo
Chris Antemann follows the tradition of creating figurative porcelain centrepieces with intimate mise-en-scènes that hint at relationships between the participants. Sometimes the tableaux verge on the naughty, but that might just be a matter of perception. Lust and Gluttony (detail above) is a large piece that portrays the Seven Deadly Sins seated around a festive table laden with sugary treats, doing what they do best. Polishing Silver does not look as dull a task as it is usually made out to be, and the Blue Ribbon is a coy three-layer bed scene. Other pieces in Antemann’s oeuvre include a teatime menage-à-trois, various sofa settings and good use of the chaise longue.

Artist: Chris Antemann
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