Buffet Libre DJ’s - Verbena Selected 2

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One of the more interesting compilation projects of last year was the Buffet Libre Verbena Selected mixtape. The idea was to take some of the larger up-and-coming electronic acts and ask them to contribute one of their favorite songs into a full length piece produced by Buffet Libre. 15,000 downloads within less than 3 months later, they started thinking that maybe it might be time for a follow-up. Today I was sent the second compilation in their series, with tracks courtesy from everyone from Cut Copy to The Glimmers to Girl Talk. It’s really interesting to see what some of these groups picked as their songs.

Buffet Libre DJs - Verbena Selected 2

For another experiment, we have us the Verbena Rewind project, where the Buffet Libre DJ’s went around requesting a whole bunch of bloggers, including Pardon My Freedom, Get Weird Turn Pro, IHeartComix, D Squared and a whole lot of great music sources (including me ;oP) a single 80’s track for another mix. And the results are great, each saying a lot about the individual people who participated and how early music influenced them. It’s all very reflective. I chose “Six Different Ways” for my single because I’m a huge Cure fan and because that song is totally awesome. Compiled into a two part mixtape, there are separate files and tracklistings. Enjoy.

Buffet Libre DJs - Verbena Rewind Part 1

Buffet Libre DJs - Verbena Rewind Part 2

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