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I need to add this to my bookshelf when it's published.

Rehabilitation of Henry Wright's Ramirez Solar House.
We need to bring this thinking back.

River as machine.
A controlled release into the Colorado river to improve the fish habitat also doubles as an indication of the Hydroelectric power demands of cities such as Las Vegas. River as gauge for how much electricity the southwest consumes...hmmm.

World's 1st positive energy building.
Why is this not happening on this side of the pond?

A new way to generate electricity for your home.
Flush your toilet, take a shower = power for your home...seems to make sense.

When George Lucas enters the Architect's mind...
Seriously...Koolhaas gets copied...but he had to find some inspiration from the original.

For those of you who haven't seen it yet:
This will keep you busy for a while.


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