Sensenoun, verb, sensed,
    1. any of the faculties, as sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch, by which humans perceive stimuli originating from outside or inside the body.
    Your five senses play an important role in your daily life. Every moment in your life, you use at least one of your five senses. You touch, hear, see, taste, and smell in order to adapt to a new environment.

    ICE Factor is now appealing to those five senses by incorporating the ICE PAK! The ICE PAK brings all the different sights, smells, feelings, sounds, and tastes together in the form of a Backpack for your next corporate promotion!

    ICE PAK is designed specifically for Street Teams to grab the attention of consumers and provide the ultimate “Innovative Consumer Experience!” The sleek and unique ICE PAK appeals to the five senses of each consumer as Street Teams promote, brand, and direct market your company!

Sight: Consumers will be able to view any promotional message from the video and picture monitor screen.
Sound: As consumers are near each Street Team member, any promotional message will be delivered in any audio format; from music to corporate tunes.
Smell: When consumers interact with each Street Team, they will begin to take in the aroma that is distributed from each ICE PAK; any aroma you desire can be implemented and changed anytime.
Taste: ICE PAK Street Teams will distribute any product for sampling to each consumer.
Touch: When providing the ultimate “Innovative Consumer Experience,” Street Team personnel will provide a personal touch by interacting directly with each consumer and providing them with information.
Added Benefits: Each ICE PAK is also broadcasting your promotional message via Bluetooth® Marketing. As consumers enter into close proximity of each ICE PAK Street Team, information is sent to each Bluetooth® enabled device in any form of media: video, mp3, mp4 or picture.

“YOU DREAM IT - WE ICE PAK IT!” - contact me for your next campaign

Nathan Hewitt