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The state of the profession:
"The problem, therefore, is not just a lack of clients-with-taste-and-money, though that is real enough. It's that the knowledge itself is no longer architecture's dilly-bag."


Vatican Going Green.
The Vatican tells the faithful they should be aware of new sins, such as causing environmental blight...
Pope Benedict is making the case that climate change is now gravely important to the human race.


Des Moines is planning, Austin already has 3.3 million in the bank for it:
Arthouse will add to an already vibrant downtown Austin...

Mayor Will Wynn, in a written statement, called the design "pure creative genius."

"(The architects') layering of history and newly created spaces within Arthouse's Jones Center make it one of the most amazing pieces of architecture in Austin," he said.


Tunnels and sky bridges or the death of the street?
Your answer to your lengthy essay is clear, elegant, visible connections to the labyrinths below or above.
DSM is working on this, how do you bridge the two levels? How do the two systems compliment each other?


Another Geography
An installation by Kimihiko Okada
For those of you who were around, kind of reminds me of Kendall Buster's installation at the Anderson Gallery.


Eco-Friendly Spirits?
Buy a bottle of 360 Vodka, help the environment?


Early Color
American photographer Saul Leiter's work from 1948-1960


Harvesting the power of the tides:


Rest in Peace, Sir Arthur C. Clarke
Best known for his 1968 short story The Sentinel as it evolved into Kubrick's masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey
"His visions of space travel and computing sparked the imagination of readers and scientists alike. "


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