Margaux Williamson - Girl

"Girl"via ArtMoCo


Toronto-based painter Margaux Williamson is currently showing at the Marvelli Gallery in New York. The show is called The Girls show Dostoyevsky the new darkness, and Williamson’s viewers are led into a narrative that is soft and dark, with the interpretation of each adjective left open. The darkness is certainly present in the above painting, Girl, but for a painting so black, is it really dark? And the chains that hold the sledding girls in the painting that bears the name of the exhibition - are they hindering or helping, in the marshmallow snow? And OK or Self-portrait as Future Buddha, how can these paintings not endear themselves to us?
Artist: Margaux Williamson
+ marvelligallery.com

The Girls show Dostoyevsky the new darkness
OK or Self-portrait as Future Buddha

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